Tax Credits & Vouchers

July 10, 2017 | Duke University Study Find's NC Voucher Accountability Among the Weakest In The Nation

Duke University's Children's Law Clinic has released highlights of key aspects of a longer report that analyzes the first three years of the Opportunity Scholarship Program. It contains data about cost, usage, and test data, along with recommendations for change.  Key Findings include:  

1. Accountability measures for North Carolina private schools receiving vouchers are limited and among the weakest in the country.
2. Based on limited and early data, the majority of the students using vouchers are performing be-low average on nationally-standardized reading, language, and math tests.
3. The North Carolina voucher pro-gram is well designed to promote parental choice, especially for parents who prefer religious education. It is poorly designed, however, to promote better academic outcomes for children and is unlikely to do so.
4. Because private schools receiving vouchers are not required to ad-minister state tests nor publish detailed achievement data, the public will be unable to develop valid conclusions about the success of the program.
5. The state should consider amendments to the program that will improve both its accountability to the public and its potential for providing better education.

​The full highlights report can be found here